"Have you seen me?"

Hello, my name is John Warren Smith.I was born on 09/05/1958. I am from Santa Maria, CA. They found my vehicle roadside in Monterey, CA. I have been missing since spring 1996. If you have seen me, please contact Phoenix as soon as possible. Please, my family misses me.

Hi everybody, I am going to talk about a very hard and tough subject for some of you (as well as it is for me)! People who have become missing! This happens all over in the country as well as the world! It is a very heartbreaking experience on the families involved! How many times do you people out there get those little cards in the mail for advertising, and on the flip side is a picture of a missing person on it! Do you ever look at those pictures? Have you ever thought of what it's like for the members of the families who are searching for their loved ones!? Everytime I recieve one of those cards in the mail, I make it a point of looking at the pictures! You know why!? The man in the picture at the top of this page, is my UNCLE! "I know what it's like to have a member of my family MISSING"! It has been very hard on members of my family! It continually nags at your insides of never knowing! Tears are cried, especially when you sit there and remember things, or have to go through personal items! These are feelings you don't ever want to feel! So Please, make sure you look at all those pictures and keep a watchful eye open at all times! You never know you just might spot a missing person, and also remember this fact, "It can happen to someone you know, or to you"! It can happen to anyone! Please be aware and be safe!

"Too Many Children Are Becoming Missing"

Here are some other important topics I would like to talk about! First off, "HUMAN RIGHTS" How many newscasts do you see, about the goings on of other countries, and how many people's rights are being violated by Governments and the armies, etc...."Very Scary"! Here is a organization that helps to "Protect the Rights of People"! Amnesty International
Here is an organization that was started up due to the Rape and Murder of Mia Zapata, it is called HOME ALIVE
"It is our right to live without violence, hate, fear. Stand up, make your voice be heard. Let's make violence a thing of the past"!

This subject is also a very touchy one, "GUN CONTROL"! I'm sure most of you have seen many newscasts on this subject, especially because of the problem that is going on with children being killed at school as well as children dying due to accidental shooting! I believe strongly in doing something about this situation, especially when it comes to a young person having a gun! I was accidently shot a couple of years back by a 18 yr old, who thought it was cool to bring a shotgun into a room of people, "to look at it"! NEEDLESS TO SAY, THE GUN WENT OFF! I took over half the pellets in my body. They first hit the floor, then into me! I took pellets from my legs to the top of my head! "IT'S A VERY INTERESTING EXPERIENCE LOOKING AT YOURSELF IN A MIRROR, SEEING A WHOLE BUNCH OF LITTLE HOLES IN YOUR FACE AND THROAT, ETC..."I know I won't ever forget about it! I was lucky though, many aren't! Something does need to be done with the laws. Here is an organization that can help you find out info. on what is going on with Gun Control.
If you have any other topics that you think might be good to discuss or list, please write to Phoenix

"Human Interest Page 1"

My Prayer to those in need!

I say a prayer to those in need, To help them heal, To live life to the fullest extent, To spread their wings. To overcome the pain and to smile with a rainbow wrapped around their heart. Live...with the grace of Love on your side! God bless you!

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