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"My Expressions in Art"

As you know from other sections of this site you probably have noticed I like to write and like photography, etc.! Well, I also like to creat pictures such as backgrounds, etc. that are different, using my photo and logo design programs. I really enjoy doing this and I feel I have created/designed some good ones.

I will tell you about each one and pretty much what the message is if one is there and how I created the picture. There are lots of ways to create things, and by using some of the simplist things too! So lets go now on to the pictures and stories of how they were created.

Lets start with this one, 12anew, it is a simple design using a program called Logo Design. I just not long ago got it and was experimenting with it. I came across some objects one can use with the program. the shperes, and the the other little curved lines in there as well as the heart(couldn't resist the heart one due to me liking heart). I did make other designs before this and had the project saved. So after checking things out i decided to use the mirror change and emboss with another program called photosuite and changed the color. I was thinking of using this one as a brackground on my site somewhere.

Well, what can I say about this one, 1blue! It is self explantory of who it is about, HEART! I took a several pictures I have and just threw them all together using the logo design program then took it to photosuite and that is where I did the emboss texture and color of it and then took it to another program called iphoto and did the sizing after checking on other things I could do with it. I made several versions of this, basically changing the color and using it as a background. I like the 3 versions I have presently on the site in different areas.

Now this one, facenew! This came into being due to a wooden mask I bought at a yard sale. It has a hand at the bottom of it to hold it and the hand is doing like a motion for SSSHHHHSSSSSHHHHH! I thought it was really cool looking and I finally took a picture of it yesterday. I had a animal print pillow case, and I decided to use it as a background when i took the picture. I set the pillow case down in the chair and set the mask there and took a picture. I then took it took to my iphoto program, cropped it down then took it over to the logo design program to see what I could come up with. I took it over to photosuite from there and I found the objects and then I also found the picture frame from there I went and cartoonized it. I really liked how it came out, the way the animal print came out in the frame. I told you, simple little things one can use to make things really cool with!

This picture Colors, was taken while I was visiting the Phoenix Zoo. All over the zoo many flowers were in bloom. I took this picture then took it home to my photosuite program and played with the colors and hue and saturation and just experimented, having fun and this was the outcome. Talk about colors, this one has it! Never be afraid to experiment, some of your best work will come out of it.

Colorful and kind of futuristic this picture came out to be Anew. I enjoyed making this one, and of course once again HEART was a theme. Simple and mostly was made with the logo design program but then the mirror image came about using the photosuite program.

This was once of the first designs done when I finally installed my logo design program, Beauty Simplicity.

Above I mentioned a wooden mask with a hand, well when I was playing with the original picture I took the picture to iphoto and I erased the animal spots and it left just a white area around the picture. I then went into part of the iphoto where you invert it and i got this face..Blue Face! I kept the copy of the picture just like this for any future experiments with it.

I don't know what else I can say with the message in this picture Love is the answer. First off, it went to logo design to photosuite to make this picture..but the message indeed is that LOVE IS THE ANSWER AND THE POWER WE HAVE INSIDE, THE TIME IS NOW, AND THE KEY IS LOVE FOR THIS WORLD CRIES OUT, MY HOME CRIES OUT..LOVE IS THE ANSWER TO IT ALL! One must care about this planet, so this picture had something special to say..

This picture, Logo was also one of the first ones designed with the new program and it is heart related of course..simple it was..but i liked it!

When Heart's latest cd came out entitled Jupiters Darling, some of fans were making little pictures etc. of our own, due to us liking the title and just wanting to make something of our own to put on our site or make little avatars for the heart bbs that we have where our screen name this was just something I came up with back then Project12, nothing fancy and simple and it was designed on photosuite

This picture f111 is actually my background on my home page. If you really look hard at the left side you will see what the image is. THEY ARE FEATHERS. I took 2 feathers I had and scanned them, taking the picture to photosuite and playing with hue and saturation and colors..that was the outcome of it..all it was, just 2 feathers and the screen of the scanner..

This picture Hand of Time was started off at the scanner. I put my hand on it, scanned it, took the picture from the program of the scanner and from there to photosuite and as time went on just used the hue and saturation to the lighting and put my words to it..simple things one can do with a scanner and a photo program.

I started off with my scanner with this one Wings. I had a wooden bowl, a couple feathers and a crystal heart. I covered it with a cloth and scanned it. I went in to the iphoto, sizing it and I also used photosuite with this one. This was the outcome..The words were chosen for it made me think of ones heart, their flight in life.

I designed this one Echoes rather easily. I took some dried up ends of my small bamboo plant outside and, scanned them, took them to photosuite did the mirror image, simple black background and changed colors and put some words to it. The words were chosen for it made me think of life, echoes, changes..

This one Touch was started off on the scanner. Feathers and crystal heart simply on the scanner and taking it to the iphoto and played with hue and saturation and lighting..then of course photosuite for the words to be added..and again, heart related..

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