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This list isn't 100% for it has been worked on off and on. A few fans along with myself added to this. I remember someone wanting some information on past tours so I searched and found quite a bit of info. from old newsletters and saved tour lists. This has been a joint effort by a few fans. If anyone has any other dates or setlists that they know are correct please contact me and I shall update this list. Ann Wilson & Gilby Clark 2003

The Aquarius Seattle, WA. 1975: White lightning and wine/Dreamboat Annie/Crazy on you/Sing Child/Mother earth blues-you shook me/Without you/Magic Man/I've got the music in me/Devil Delight/The Rover

Chicago 1976 date unknown: Rock & Roll/Heartless/Battle of evermore/White Lightning and wine/The rover/Devil Delight/Magic Man/Crazy on you/Barracuda

The Night Gallery, Schaumberg, IL 8/3/76: Rock & Roll,Heartless, Battle of Evermore, White Lightning and wine, The Rover, Devil Delight, Magic Man, Crazy on You, Barracuda

Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON 8/18/76; Heartless, Sing Child, Dreamboat Annie, Silver Wheels, Magazine, Soul of the sea, Devil delight, Magic man, Crazy on you

John Caroll University Cleveland Ohio 10/16/76
Kansas City MI, 10/18/76: Opening Instrumental/Sing child/Dreamboat Annie/Silver wheels/Magazine/Soul of the sea melody/White Lightning and wine/Magic Man/Crazy On You/Rock & Roll/Heartless

Inglewood, CA 12/9/76

Cobo Arena Detroit, MI 4/28/77
Upper Darby, PA 8/10/77
Los Angeles, CA 9/27/77
Biringham, AL 10/5/77
Birmingham, AL 10/17/77
Cincinnati, OH 1977 date unknown

California Jam 3/18/78: Slyvan song/Dream of the archer/Love alive/Heartless/White Lightning and wine/Kick it out/Silver wheels/Dreamboat Annie/Mistral Wind/Little queen/Devil Delight/Magic man/Barracuda/Crazy on you

Detroit, MI 4/28/78

The Summit, Houston, TX 6/15/78: Cook with fire, Heartless, Devil delight, High time, Love alive, Magazine, Mistral wind, Dreamboat Annie, Crazy on you, Kick it out, Magic man, Barracuda, White lightning and wine, Rock & Roll, Without you

The Pit, U.N.M Alberquerque NM. 6/21/78: Cook with fire/Heartless/Devil Delight/High time/Love Alive/Magazine/Mistral wind/Dreamboat Annie/Crazy on you/Kick it out/Magic Man/Barracuda/White lightning and wine/Rock & Roll/With out you

The Forum-Montreal Quebec 10/5/78: Cook with fire/High Time/Heartless/Devil Delight/Straight on/Magic Man/ Love Alive/ Magazine/Mistral wind/Dog & Butterfly/Silver Wheels/Crazy on you/Kick it out/Barracuda/White Lightning and wine/Rock & Roll/Without you

The Spectrum Philadelphia PA 10/8/78: Cook with fire/High time/Heartless/Devil Delight/Straight on/Magic Man/Love alive/Magazine/Mistral Wind/Dog & Butterfly/Silver wheels/Crazy On You/Kick it out/Barracuda/White Lightning and wine/Rock & Roll/Without You

Capitol Center Largo MD 10/15/78
Civic Arena Pittsburgh, PA 10/16/78

The Pallidum NYC 10/21/78: Cook with fire/High Time/Heartless/Devil Delgith/Straight on/Magic man/Love Alive/Magazine/Mistral wind/Dog & Butterfly/Silver wheels/Crazy On You/Kick it out/Barracuda/White lightning and wine/Rock & Roll/Without you

Coliseum, Cleveland, OH 11/19/78
Richfield, OH 11/19/78

Fresno CA 12/5/78: Cook with fire/High time/Heartless/Devil Delight/Straight On/Magic Man/Flute intro/Love Alive/Magazine/Mistral Wind/Dog & Butterfly/Silver Wheels/Crazy On you/Kick it out/Barracuda/White Lightning and wine/Rock & Roll

Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA 12/30/78: High time/Heartless/Devil delight/Straight on/Magic Man/Love alive/Dog & Butterfly/Crazy on you/Kick it out/Barracuda/(Happy New Years song)/White lightning and wine/Lets spend the night together/Rock & Roll/Rockin Heaven Down

Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA 12/31/78
Nancy Wilson 2005

Tour 1979

Passiac, NJ 1/26/79: Cook With Fire/High time/Heartless/Devil Delight/Straight On/Magic Man/Flute intro into Love Alive/Magazine/Mistral Wind/Dog & Butterfly/Silver wheels into Crazy on You

Music Hall, Boston, MA 1/27/79
Boston, MA 1/27/79


29th Cedar rapids, IA Five Seasons Center
30th Sioux Falls, SD Arena

June 1979

1st Alpine Valley, WI Alpine Valley/E. Troy, WI: Cook with fire, High time, Heartless, Devil delight, Straight on, Even it up, Magic man, Love alive, Magazine, Mistral wind, D&B, Crazy on you, Kick it out, Barracuda, White lightning and wine, Rock & Roll, Without you

2nd Alpine Valley, WI Alpine Valley/E. Troy, WI
3rd, Allegan, Mi Allegan County Fairgrounds

5th Edwardsville, IL Mississippi River Festival/St. Louis, MO: Cook with fire, High time, Heartless, Devil delight, Straight on, Even it up, Magic man, Love alive, Magazine, Mistral wind, D&B, Silver wheels, White lightning and wine, Rock & roll

6th Little Rock, AR Barton Coliseum
7th Tulsa, OK Assembly Center
9th Dallas, TX Texas Music Festival, Cotton Bowl
10th New Orleans, LA Superdome

Japan Jam II, Enoshima, Japan 8/4/79: Cook with fire, High time, Heartless, Devil delight, Straight on, Even it up, Magic man, Love alive, Magazine, Mistral wind, D&B, Silver wheels/Crazy on you, Barracuda, Rock & Roll, Without you

Japan Jam II, Tokyo, Japan 8/5/79 - possible 8/7/79: Cook with fire, High time, Heartless, Devil delight, Straight on, Even it up, Magic man, Love alive, Magazine, Mistral wind, D&B, Silver wheels/Crazy on you, Barracuda, Rock & Roll

(Bebe Le Strange tour 1980) March
26th Las Cruces, NM
27th MIdland Texas
28th Austin Texas
29th Houston Texas
30th Houston Texas


1sr Oklahoma, OK
2nd Ft. Worth Texas

3rd Ft. Worth Texas Convention Center: Bebe Le Strange, Crazy On You, Staright On, Even It Up, Raised On You, Starnge Night, Dog & Butterfly, Dreamboat Annie/Just the Wine, Down On Me, Mistral Wind, Silver Wheels/Break, Magic Man, Barracuda, Rockin' Heaven Down, Rock & Roll, Sweet Darlin', I'm Down/Long Tall Sally, Unchained Melody

4th Lake Charles, LA
5th Baton Rouge, LA
6th Shreveport, LA
8th Nacogdoches, TX
9th Tulsa, OK
11 Biloxi, MS
12th Jacksonville, FL
13th Columbia, SC
14th Auburn, AL
15th Jackson, MS
16th Memphis, TN


1st Lakeland, FL.
2nd Miami, Fl(hollywood)
3rd Ft. Meyers, FL.
5th Huntsville, AL.
6th Lexington, KY.
7th Atlanta, GA
8th Nashville, TN
9th Birmingham, AL
10th Johnson City, TN
11th Huntington, W.VA
13th Svannah, GA
14th Greensboro, NC
15th Agusta, GA
16th Charlotte, NC
17th Hampton, VA
19th Knoxville, TN
20th Roanoke, VA
21st Largo, MD


6th Cleveland, OH
7th Chicago, IL
8th Detroit, MI
9th Detroit, MI
10th Saginaw, MI
12th Binghamton, NY
13th Rochester, NY
14th New Haven, CT

15th Meadowlands, NY/Giants Stadium, E. Rutherford, NJ 6/15/80: Bebe le strange, Crazy on you, Straight on, Even it up, Raised on you, Strange Night, Dreamboat Annie, Just the wine, Dog and butterfly, Down on me, Mistral wind, Silver wheels, Break, Magic man, Barracuda, Rockin heaven down, Rock and roll, I'm down/long tall sally

17th Saratoga, NY
18th Syracuse, NY
19th Allentown, PA
20th Salisbury, MD
21st Cape Cod, MA
22nd Portland, ME
24th Baltimore, MD
25th Philadelphia, PA
26th Wheeling, W.VA


12th Kalamazoo, MI
13th Toldeo, OH
14th Pittsbugh, PA
15th Johnston, PA
16th Toronto, ONT
17th New York City, NY
19th Indianapolis, IN
22nd Cedar Rapids, IA
23rd Omaha, NB
25th Milwaukee, WI County Arena
26th Minneapolis. MN
27th Rockford, IL
29th Mdison, WI
20th Cincinnati, OH


5th Seattle, WA
6th Seattle, WA
7th Seattle. WA
9th Portland, OR
16th Sacremento, CA
21st Los Angeles, CA
22nd Los Angeles, CA
23rd Phoenix, Arizona(my first heart concert)
24th San Diego, CA
26th Concord, CA
27th Concord, CA
29th Las Vegas, NV
30th Salt Lake City, UT


1st Denver, CO
2nd Lubbock, TX
4th Fayetterville, AR
5th St. Louis, MO
6th Kansas city, MO

Oct. 27th Tomorrow Show-NBC

November 21st, Fridays-ABC

Empire Stadium, Vancouver, BC 6/7/81
Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA 7/4/81

Bread and Roses Festival Berkeley CA 10/2/81: Rockin Heaven Down/Dog & Butterfly/Sweet Darlin/Silver Wheels/Hijinx/Raised On You/Just The Wine/The Rain Song/Strange Night/Angels/Love Alive/Tell it like it is

Private Audition tour 1982

London, England 5/29/82
Dominion Theatre, London, England 6/6/82

July 12th, Parker's Tavern, Seattle, WA
19th, 20th, 21st Red Rocks, Denver CO
22nd, day off
23rd, 24th The Alladin, Las Vegas NV
25th, 26th, 27th days off
28th, Bakersfield, CA
29th, day off
30th,Santa Barbara, CA
31st, Irvine, CA


1st, day off
2nd, Phoenix, Arizona, Veterans Memorial Coliseum(Yes, i was there)
3rd, Tucson, Arizona (yes I was there too)
4th, San Diego, Ca
5th, day off
6th, 7th, 8th, The Forum, Los Angeles, CA.

Concert for the America's 8/22/82

Nuclear Weapons Freeze, Portland, OR 9/28/82: Strange night, Love alive, D&B, Perfect stranger, Raised on you, Even it up, Because, Just the wine, America(i really like this version, very good)Tell it like it is, Let me in

Brendan Byrne Arena, 10/7/82
Coliseum, New Haven, CT 10/8/82
Tues, Nov. 23 1982 Tulsa Assebley Ctr(PA tour)
Kansas City, MO 11/24/82

PassionWorks Tour 1983

Greenville, SC 11/13/83: Sleep alone/Blue Guitar/City's Burning/Crazy on you/Beat by Jealousy/Love mistake/Johnny Moon/Mistral Wind/Straight On/Even it up/Bebe le strange/How can i refuse/Allies/Barracuda/Magic Man

Augusta, GA 11/18/83
Seattle WA 1983: Straight On/Even it up/Raised on You/Dog & Butterfly/Tell it like it is/Barracuda/Rock & Roll


Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY 12/10/83
13th, Philadelphia, PA
14th, Pittsburgh, PA
15th, day off
16th, Meadowsland, NJ
17th-26th, days off
27th, Odessa, TX
28th, San Antonio, TX
29th, Beaumont, TX
30th, Houston, TX
31st, Dallas ,TX Reunion Arena

Jan. 1984-PassionWorks Tour continuing

1st-5th days off
6th, Biloxi, MI
7th, Jackson, MI
8th, Little Rock, AR
9th, day off
10th, Oklahoma City, OK
11th, Amarillo, TX
12th, day off
13th, Lubbock, TX
14th, El Paso, TX
15th-18th days off
19th, Ceasar's Tahoe, NV
20th, Ceasar's Tahoe, NV
21st, Ceasar's Tahoe, NV
22nd, day off
23rd, Bakersfield, CA
24th, Freson, CA
25th, San Diego, CA

Pavillion, Merriville, IN 2/7/84
Wed, Feb. 29 1984 Tulsa Okla, Convention Ctr (PW tour)


1st, Amarillo, TX
2nd, El Paso, TX
3rd, day off
4th, Austin, TX
5th, Corpus Christi, TX
6th, Nacogdoches, TX
7th, Lubbock, TX
8th, Norman, OK
9th, day off
10th, Wichita, KS
11th, Fayetteville, AR
12th, Conway, AR
13th, Monroe, LA
14th, day off
15th, Clemson, SC
16th, Johnson City, TN
17th, Fayetteville, NC
18th, Harrisonburg, VA
19th, Greenville, NC
20th, day off
21st, Fort Lauderdale, Fl
22nd, Daytona Beach, FL
23rd, Seattle, WA. Allies Benefit
24th, Seattle, WA. Allies Benefit
25th, day off
26th, Anchorage, AK
27th, day off
28th, Honolulu, HI-tentative date


8th, Eureka, MO six flags
10th, Minneapolis, MN Trout Air
13th, New Orleans, LA Worlds Fair Expo.
15th, Arlington, TX six flags
16th Houston, TX, Astrodome
20th, Baltimore, MD Merriweather Pavillion
21st, Poughkeepale, NY Mid-Hudson Civic center
22nd, Jackson, NJ six flags
23rd, Charlotte, NC Carrowinds


Memphis 1985: If looks could kill/Barracuda/Straight On/These Dreams/Bebe Le strange/Even it up/How Can I refuse/Never/Crazy on you/Magic Man/What about love

Fox Theater, St. Louis, MO 8/9/85

Sun, Aug. 11 1985 Oklahoma City Zoo Amphitheater(Heart tour)
Raliegh N.C. 8/21/85: If looks could kill/The wolf/Barracuda/Straight on/Never/These dreams/Dog & Butterfly/Nobody home/What he don't know/Shell shock/Bebe le strange/Even it up/How can i refuse/What about love/Magic Man/Allies/Crazy on you


Cumberland County Arena, 9/4/85
Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ 9/6/85
21st, Radio City Music Hall New York


15th, Denver, CO
16th, Rapid City, SD
18th, Lincoln, NB
19th, Ames, IA
20th, St. Paul, MN
22nd, Nashville, TN
23rd, Harrisburg, MS
25th, West Palm Beach, FL
27th, Jacksonville, FL
29th, Knowxville, TN
30th, Montgomery, AL
31st, New Orleans, LA


2nd, Savannah, Ga
3rd, Greensville, SC
5th, Philadelphia, PA
7th, Greenville, NC
8th, Allentown, PA
9th, Worcester, MA
10th, Providence, RI
12th, Toronto, Ontario
14th, Agusta, ME
15th, Nassau, NY
16th, New Haven, CT
17th, Fairfax, VA
30th, Salt Lake City, UT


1st, Laramine, WY
2nd, Pocatello, ID
3rd, Pullman, WA
4th, Boise, ID
6th, Alburquerque, NM
7th, Phoenix, AZ/Saturday, 8:00 pm, Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Y&T opening Act
8th, Tucson, AZ
10th, Oakland, CA
11th, Reno, NV
13th Las Vegas, NV
14th-15th, Los Angeles, CA
Sports Arena, San Diego, CA 12/18/85

Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI 2/9/86
Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, IL 2/17/86
Civic Center, Hartford, CT 2/25/86

Peoria, IL (civic center)4/12/86
Des Moines, IA 4/13/86
Meadowlands Arena, E. Rutherford, NJ 4/18/86
The Centrum, Worcester, MA 4/20/86
Jacksonville, FL 4/25/86

Tues, April 29 1986 Tulsa Convention Ctr
Sun, May 4th Oklahoma City Myriad Ctr
Broome County Arena, Binghamton, NY 5/7/86

The Forum, Los Angeles, CA 6/15/86

NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 6/23/86: If looks could kill/The wolf/Straight on/Nothin at all/These dreams/Barracuda/Bebe le strange/Even it up/Never/What about love/Magic man/Allies/Crazy on you/Rock & Roll

Osaka, Japan 6/30/86

Bad Animals Tour 1987

Civic Center, Providence, RI 6/28/87
Alpine Valley Music Theater, E. Troy, WI 7/11/87
Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY 7/25/87
Seattle, WA 8/29/87
Sports Arena, San Diego, CA 9/8/87
Fri, Sept 11 1987 Oklahoma City Myriad Ctr

Sep.30th. 1987: Bad Animals/The wolf/Barracuda/Nothing at all/What about love/Dreamboat Annie/These dreams/Straight on/I want you so bad/Wait for an answer/Who will you run to/Never/How can I refuse/Crazy on you/If looks can kill/Bebe le strange/Alone/Rock & Roll

St. Paul, MN 12/5/87


9th, Worchester, MA
10th, Worchester, MA
11th, Troy, NY
12th, Buffalo, NY
14th, Montreal, Canada
16th, Toronto, Canada
17th, Rochester, NY
18th, Farifax, VA
20th, E. Rutherford, NJ
21st, Uniondale, NY
23rd, Richfield, OH
24th, Baltimore, MD
25th, Philadelphia, PA
26th, ?
28th, Detroit, MI
30th, Chapel Hill, NC
31st, Pittsburgh, PA


1st, Roanoke, VA
3rd, Charlotte, NC
4th, Knoxville, TN
6th, Little Rock, AR
7th, Austin, TX
8th, El Paso, TX


3rd St. Louis, MO
4th Madison, WI
5th St. Paul, MN
7th Regina, Canada
8th Winnepeg Canada
10th Rosemont, IL
11th Columbus, OH
12th Toledo, OH
13th South Bend, IN
15th Charleston, WV
16th Hampton, VA
18th, Tampa, FL
19th Miami, FL
20th Daytona Beach, FL

Rozartsaal, Mannheim, Germany 2/20/88: Bad Animals, The wolf, Barracuda, Nothin' at all, What about love, Dreamboat Annie, These dreams, Straight on, Even it up, I want you so bad, Wait for an answer, Who will you run to, Never(incomplete), How can i refuse, Crazy on you, If looks could kill, Alone, Magic man, Love alive, Rock & Roll

Dusseldorf, Germany 2/23/88
Ahoy Halle, Rotterdam, Holland 2/25/88
NEC, Birmingham, England 3/2/88
Wembley Arena, London, England 3/5/88
Wembley Arena, London, England 3/7/88
Albuquerque, NM 6/8/88
Six Flaggs, Atlanta, GA 6/15/88
Jones Beach Theatre, Wantagh, NY 6/18/88
Middletown, NY 6/26/88
Hamilton, ON 6/28/88
Salt Lake City, UT 7/9/88
Isle of Dreams Festival Sept. '88

Heart Brigade TOUR 1990

Hamburg, Germany 4/25/90
Wurzburg, Germany 4/28/90
Birmingham, England 5/4/90
Birmingham, England 5/5/90
International Center, Bournemouth, England 5/6/90 86
The Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland 5/8/9
Wembley Arena, London, England 5/11/90
Wembley Arena, London, England 5/13/90


tues. 5th, day off, travel miami, fl.
wed. 6th, load in, miami, fl.
thurs. 7th, production rehearsal, miami fl.
fri. 8th, miami arena, miami, fl.
sat. 9th, orlando arena, orlando, fl.
sun. 10th, sundome, tampa, fl.
mon. 11th, day off
tues. 12th, lakewood, amphitheater, atlanta, ga
wed. 13th, mid-south coliseum, memphis, tn
thurs. 14th day off
fri. 15th, blossom music cntr. cuyahoga falls, oh
sat. 16th, deer creek amphitheatre, nobelsville, in
sun. 17th, riverbend amphitheatre, cincinnati, oh
mon. 18th, day off
tues. 19th, day off
wed. 20th, spectrum, philadelphia, pa
thurs. 21st, day off
fri. 22nd, muny amphitheatre, st. louis, mo
sat. 23rd, poplar creek, hoffman estates, wi
sun. 24th, alpine valley, east troy, wi
mon. 25th, day off
tues. 26th swiss villa amphitheatre, lampe, mo
wed. 27th, sandstone amp., bonner springs, ks
thurs. 28th day off
fri. 29th, starwood amphitheatre, antioch, tn
sat. 30th, capitol music center, columbus, oh


sun. 1st, civic center coliseum, charleston, wv
mon. 2nd, day off
tues. 3rd, pine knob music theatre, clarkeston, mi
wed. 4th, lackawanna stadium, moosic, pa
thurs. 5th, day off
fri. 6th, jones beach theatre, wantaugh, ny
sat. 7th, jones beach theatre, wantaugh, ny
sun. 8th saratog, p.a.c, saratoga springs, ny
mon. 9th, day off
tues. 10th, cayuga co. fairgrounds, weedsport, ny
wed. 11th, wonderland theme park, maple, on
thurs. 12th, day off
fri. 13th, greatwoods, mansfield, ma
sat. 14th, merriweather post, columbia, md
sun. 15th, garden state arts center, holmdel, nj
mon. 16th, garden state arts center, holmdel, nj
tues. 17th, day off
wed. 18th, orange county, fairgrounds, middletown, ny
thurs. 19th, day off
fri. 20th, star lake amphitheatre, burgettstown, pa
sat. 21st, lake compounce, bristol,ct
sun. 22nd, seashore, p.a.c, old orchard beach, me
mon. 23rd, forum, montreal, pq
tues. 24th, day off-travel home


7th, Winnepeg, Manitoba
8th, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
10th, Edmonton, Alberta
11th, Calgary, Alberta
14th, Concord, CA
15th, Paso Robels, CA
17th, Orange Co., CA
18th, Sacramento, CA
19th, Mountain View, CA
21st, Salt Lake City, UT
22nd, Denver, CO
24th, Oklahoma City, OK
25th, Dallas, TX
26th, Houston, TX
28th, Omaha, NE
29th, Souix Falls, SD
31st, Peoria, IL


1st, Cedar Rapids, IA
2nd, Carbondale, IL
4th, Hamilton, Ontario,
5th, Philadelphia, PA
7th, Charlotte, NC
8th, Atlanta, GA
9th, Chapel Hill, NC
11th, Roanoak, VA
12th, Hampton, VA
14th, Fairfax, VA

Target Center, Minneapolis, MN 11/21/90
Meadowlands Arena, E. Rutherford, NJ 11/29/90
Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY 11/30/90

County Arena, Milwaukee, WI 12/3/90
Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountainview, CA 1990

December 15th? Desert Sky Pavillion, Cheap Trick Opening act

Backstage, Seattle, WA 1990

The Lovemongers Parker's, Seattle, WA 12/31/91: Friend meets friend/Under the sky/These Dreams/Johnny Moon/Dreamboat Annie/Because/Love/Legend of mind/State of independence/Battle of evermore/Count down/Even it up/Mama told me/Papa was a rolling stone/Almost paradise/The woman in me/Slow Down/Dancing in the streets/Love shack/River deep mountain high/Crazy on you/Ring them bells

The Lovemongers 5th Avenue Theater, Seattle, WA 4/25/92: Battle Of Evermore, Under The Sky, These Dreams, Dreamboat Annie, Salt Water, My Beautiful, The Woman In Me, Papa Was A Rollin' Stone, River Deep Mountain High, Crazy On You, Ring Them Bells, Brother, Rockin' In The Free World

The Gorge/George Washington, WA 6/6/1992: Battle of evermore/Cherry blossom road/Dreamboat Annie/Love Alive/Under the sky/These dreams/Even it up/Crazy on you/Salt Water/Ring them bells/Gimme shelter w/queensryche

The Lovemongers-St. Michelle Winery Woodenville, WA August 8th 1992: Battle of evermore, Under the sky, Girl with notebook, Walking backwards, These dreams, My heart knows for sure, Legend of mind, Salt water, Love mistake, I love ya, The woman in me, Papa was a rollin' stone, Tell it like it is, Love shack, Even it up, River deep mt. high, Dreamboat Annie, Crazy on you, Ring them bells

The Lovemongers The Backstage Seattle 1992: Battle of evermore/Friend meets friend/Under the sky/Daddy's war/Girl with notebook/Walking backwards/These dreams/My beautiful/Wild horses w/Chris Cornell/Dreamboat Annie/State of independence/Ride my see saw/Legend of mind/Almost Paradise/The woman in me/Papa was a rollin stone

Rock for Choice at the Ritz New York City, Jan. 30th, 1993


The Mountain Stage, Boise, ID 7/17/93


16th, Poughkeepsie, NY, Mid Hudson Civic Center
17th, Boston, MA Popheum, Theatre
19th, Philadelphia, PA Tower Theatre
20th, New York, NY, Beacon Theatre
21st, New York, NY, (option)
23rd, Toronto, Ontario, Massey Hall
24th, Toronto, Ontario, (option)
26th, Detroit, MI, State Theatre
27th, Detroit, MI, (option)
29th, Chicago, IL Riviera Theatre
30th, Chicago, IL (option)


1st, Minneapolis, MN. Orpheum Theatre
3rd, Milwaukee, WI, Riverside Theatre
4th, St. Louis, MO, American Theatre
6th, Denver, CO Paramount Theatre
9th, Los Angeles, CA Wiltern Theatre
10th, Los Angeles, CA (option)
11th, San Francisco, CA Berkeley Community Theatre
12th, San Francisco, CA (option)

Whistler, BC 3/18/94

Moore Theater, Seattle, WA 5/12/95
Ann Wilson, Cooper River Park,Pennsauken, NJ 9/30/95
Hard Rock Café, Las Vegas, NV 10/16/95
Ann Wilson, Pennsylvania 1995

The Lovemongers The Showbox, Seattle, WA 3/17/97: Sand, Cherry Blossom Road, Girl With Notebook, Harmony, City's Burning, My Beautiful, The Dragon, Top Of The World, Heavy Sedation, S.O.S., Get Down Tonight, No School Today, God Give Me Strength, State Of Independence, Battle Of Evermore, Crazy On You


Nov 24 San Francisco The Filmore
Nov 25 Santa Cruz The Catalyst
Nov 26 Hollywood House Of Blues
Nov 27 Las Vegas The Joint
Nov 29 San Diego Cains
Nov 30 San Juan Capistrano The Coach House


Dec 1 Santa Barbara ?
Dec 2 Tempe Az Bash on Ash
Dec 4 Denver The Ogden
Dec 5 Salt Lake The Zephyr
Dec 7 Portland La Luna
Dec 8 Seattle The Showbox

The Lovemongers Seattle WA 2/14/98: Crazy on you/City on the hill/Love alive/Girl with notebook/Harmony/Miracle girl/These dreams/Heavy Sedation/No school today/The vegas gene/Kiss/Elysian/City's burning/Sand/Battle of evermore

Heart Featuring Ann Wilson 1998


18th, Chicago IL, House of Blues
19th, Cincinnati, OH, Annie's
20th, Lansing, MI YesFest Oldsmobile Park
22nd, Cleveland Heights, OH Cain Park
23rd, Toledo, OH Toledo Zoo Amphitheatre
24th, Detroit, MI Pine Knob Music Theatre
27th, Bottineau, ND Wild Rose Amphitheatre
29th, Milwaukee, WI Summerfest
30th, Ft. Wayne, IN Piere's


2nd, St. Paul, MN State Capitol Grounds
3rd, Robinsonville, MS Sam's Town Casino
5th, Louisville, KY Louisville Motor speedway
7th, Pittsburgh, PA Metropol
8th, Columbus, Ohio Newport Music Hall
9th, Glenside, PA Keswick Theatre
10th, Westbury, NY Westbury Music Fair
11th, Fayetteville, WV Rivers Inc. Concert Series
12th, Uncassville, CT Mohegan Sun Casino
15th Rumson, NJ Tradewinds
17th, Moncion N.B. Canada, Canada Magic Mountain
18th, St. Johns New Foundland, Can. Paradise Natural Park
21st N. Myrtle Beach, SC House of Blues
22nd, Jacksonville, FL Shades
24th, Lake Buena Vista Fl. Walt Disney World
25th, Tampa, FL. The Rubb
26th, Pompano Beach, FL Pompano Bch Amphitheatre
30th, Tucson, AZ New West


3rd, Los Angeles, CA House of Blues: Voodoo Doll/Never/Magic man/Straight on/Black on black/All I wanna do/Gimme Shelter/Crossing the river/What is & what should never be/Tall dark handsome stranger/Barracuda/Black Dog/Crazy on you

4th, Los Angeles, CA House of Blues
6th, Ventura, CA Ventura Theatre
7th, Temecula, CA PechangaEnt. Ctr.
8th, Santa Ana, CA Galaxy Theatre

Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, CT 7/2/99
Ann & Nancy Wilson Greensboro N.C. 7/13/99

Ann & Nancy Wilson 8/11/99 Ft. Worth Texas: D&B, Mona Lisa's and mad hatters, Even it up, Nothing but love, She still believes, These dreams, intro/Crazy on you, Barracuda, Love alive, Battle of evermore

Ann & Nancy Wilson Humphreys by the bay, San Diego CA 8/19/99
Konocti Harbor Resort, Kelseyville, CA 8/22/99
Benaroya Hall, Seattle, WA 8/27/99
Women Rock! Girls & Guitars', 10/12/00
Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles, CA

A Walk Down Abbey Road Tour-A Tribute to The Beatles

Wed 6/13/01 Redmond, OR Cancelled
Fri 6/15/01 Kelseyville, CA Konocti
Sat 6/16/01 Anaheim, CA The Sun Theatre
Sun 6/17/01 Anaheim, CA The Sun Theatre
Mon 6/18/01 Saratoga, CA Villa Montalvo Center for the Arts
Tue 6/19/01 Saratoga, CA Villa Montalvo Center for the Arts
Wed 6/20/01 Saratoga, CA Villa Montalvo Center for the Arts
Fri 6/22/01 San Diego, CA Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay
Sat 6/23/01 Phoenix, AZ Celebrity Theatre
Sun 6/24/01 Ruidoso, NM Inn of the Mountain Gods
Tue 6/26/01 Houston, TX Houston Arena Theatre
Wed 6/27/01 Mobile, AL Saenger Theatre
Fri 6/29/01 Clarkston, MI DTE Energy Music Theatre
Sat 6/30/01 Champion, PA Seven Springs Mountain Resort
Mon 7/2/01 Saint Paul, MN Taste of Minnesota
Tue 7/3/01 Milwaukee, WI Summerfest
Thu 7/5/01 Chicago, IL Taste of Chicago
Fri 7/6/01 Dayton, OH Fraze Pavilion
Sat 7/7/01 Big Flats, NY Summer Stage
Sun 7/8/01 Hamilton, Ontario Copps Coliseum
Mon 7/9/01 Verona, NY Turning Stone Casino
Tue 7/10/01 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Casino
Wed 7/11/01 Boston, MA FleetBoston Pavilion
Fri 7/13/01 Kailua_Kona, HI Hilton Waikoloa Village (Private show)
Sun 7/15/01 Hyannis,MA Cape Cod Melody
Tue 7/17/01 Vienna, VA Wolf Trap Filene Center
Thu 7/19/01 Westbury, NY Westbury Music Fair
Sat 7/21/01 Stanhope, NJ Waterloo Concert Field
Sun 7/22/01 Wallingford, CT Oakdale Theatre
Wed 7/25/01 York, PA Memorial Hall
Thu 7/26/01 Brooklyn, NY Seaside Park
Fri 7/27/01 Sewell, NJ Center for Performing Arts
Sat 7/28/01 Marion, SC Carolina Amphitheatre
Fri 11/9/01 Tokyo, Japan Koseinenkin Hall
Sat 11/10/01 Tokyo, Japan Koseinenkin Hall
Mon 11/12/01 Osaka, Japan Koseinenkin Hall

Tue 11/13/01 Fukuoka, Japan Sun Palace: Magical Mystery Tour, Sirius/In The Sky, Barracuda, Hello It's Me, Biggest Part Of Me, The Real Me, Back In The U.S.S.R, Lady Modonna, I'm Down, Fool On The Hill, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Yesterday, Here Comes The Sun, Lucy In The Sky, You've Got To Hide Your Love Away, Maybe I'm Amazed, Rain, Blackbird, Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey, Revolution, Day Tripper, Ticket To Ride, I wanna Hold Your Hand, Hey Jude, Birthday, Golden Slumber/Carry That Weight/The End

Wed 11/14/01 Nagoya, Japan Shimim Kaikan Hall


June 21 Fargo, ND Red River Valley Fair
June 23 North Platte, NE Nebraskaland Days
June 25 Minneapolis, MN Mystic Lake Casino
June 27 Milwaukee, WI Summerfest 2002
June 28 Muskegon, MI Muskegon Summer Cel
June 29 Green Bay, WI Oneida Bingo and Casino


July 3 Clearwater, FL Ruth Eckerd Hall
July 5 Pompano Beach, FL Pompano Beach Amp
July 6 Ft. Myers, Florida Barbara B Mann Perf. Arts Center
July 7 Jacksonville, FL Florida Theater
July 8 Atlanta, GA Chastain Park

July 10 New York, NY Beacon Theater: Crazy on you/Sister Wild rose/The witch/Straight on/These dreams/Mistral wind/Alone/Dog & Butterfly/Mona Lisa's and mad hatters/Battle of evermore/Heaven/Magic man/Two Faces of eve/Love alive/Break the rock/Barracuda/Wild child/Black Dog/Dreamboat Annie

July 11 Foxwoods, CT Foxwoods Casino
July 13 Atlantic City, NJ Grand Cayman Ballroom
July 14 Gilford, NH Meadowbrook Farm
July 16 Sterling Heights, MI Freedom Hill Amp
July 18 Robinsonville, MS Horseshoe Casino
July 19 New Orleans, LA House Of Blues
July 20 New Orleans, LA House Of Blues
July 23 Alburqurque, NM Santa Ana Star Casino
July 24 Phoenix, AZ Dodge Theater

July 25 San Diego, CA Humphrey's By The Bay: Crazy on you/Sister wild rose/The witch/Straight on/These Dreams/Mistral wind/Alone/Dog & Butterfly/Mona Lisa's and mad hatters/Battle of evermore/Heaven/Magic man/Two faces of eve/Love alive/Break the rock/Barracuda/Wild child/Black dog/Dreamboat Annie

July 26 Costa Mesa, CA Arlington Theater
July 28 Sacramento, CA The Cove @ Cal Expo
July 29 Paso Robles, CA Mid-State Fair
July 30 Livermore, CA Wente Vineyards


August 1 Saratoga, CA Saratoga Winery
August 2 Las Vegas, NV Mandalay Bay
August 3 Kelsyville, CA Konocti Harbor Resort
August 4 State Line, NV Harvey's Casino Lake Tahoe
August 6 Ridgefield, WA Clark County Fair

Alive in America 2003


13- Post Falls, ID Greyhound Park
14- Seattle, WA White River Amp
15- Boise, ID Idaho Center Amp
17- Denver, CO Fiddlers Green
19- Houston, TX Arena Theatre
20- Fort Worth, TX Billy Bob's
21- Memphis, TN Shelby Farms
22- Atlanta, GA Chastain Park
24- Boca Raton, FL Mizner Park Amp
26- Orlando, FL House of Blues
27- Biloxi, MS Beau Rivage
28- Nashville, TN AmSouth Amph.
30- Myrtle Beach, SC House of Blues


1- Portsmouth, VA Harbor Center
2- Vienna, VA Wolf Trap
3- Willmington, DE Kahuna Summer Stage
5- Atlantic City, NJ Trump Marina
6- Ledyard, CT Foxwoods
9- Hampton Beach,NH H. Bch Casino
10- Boston, MA Fleet Pavilion
11- Big Flats, NY Summer Stage
12- Cleveland, OH Nautica Pavilion

15- Dayton, OH Fraze Pavilion: Kick it out/The witch/Papa was a rolling stone/Move on/Even it up/These dreams/Lost angel/Crazy on you/Mona Lisa's and Mad hatters/Dog & Butterfly/Alone/Perfect goodbye/Love You/Wild Child/Black Dog/Barracuda/Magic man/Mistral wind/Battle of Evermore/Dreamboat Annie

17- Clio, MI Clio Area Amp
18- Fond du Lac, WI County Fair
20- Cadott, WI Rock Fest
22- Co Springs, CO Pikes Peak Center
24- Tuscon, AZ Anselmo Valencia Amph.
25- Temecula, CA Pechanga Casino
26- Temecula, CA Pechanga Casino
28- Lancaster, CA Lanc. Perf. Arts Center
29- San Diego, CA Viejas
30- San Diego, CA Viejas


1- Las Vegas, NV Hilton Theatre
2- Las Vegas, NV Hilton Theatre
3- Los Angeles, CA Greek Theatre
4- Ventura, CA Ventura County Fair
6- Saratoga, CA Mountain Winery
7- Saratoga, CA Mountain Winery
8- Kelseyville, CA Konocti Field Amp
12- Eugene, OR Lane County Fair




3- Jun Dublin, IRE Vicar Street
4- Jun Glasgow, Scotland Armadillo
5- Jun Manchester UK Apollo
6- Jun Birmingham UK
8- Jun Nottingham UK Royal Centre
9- Jun Bournemouth UK Int. Centre

10- Jun London UK Hammersmith: Papa was a rollin' stone/straight on, the oldest story in the world, the perfect goodbye, love alive, dog & butterfly, make me, things, these dreams, enough, even it up, vainglorious, lost angel, magicman, alone, wild child, black dog, misty mountain hop

12- Jun Sweden - Rock Festival
13- Jun Holland - Arrow Festival
14- Jun Cambridge UK Cambridge Corn Exchange

26-Jun-Hard Rock Cafe, NYC, 6/26/04: Kick It Out, Crazy On You, The Oldest Story In The World,The Perfect Goodbye, The Fallen Ones, These Dreams, Alone, Even It Up, Vainglorious, Wild Child, Magic Man, Barracuda, Black Dog



22-Jul Redmond, WA Marymoore Amphitheater
23-Jul Medford, OR Britt Festival
24-Jul Bend, OR The Les Schwab Amphitheater
25-Jul Jackpot, NV Catus petes casino
27-Jul Saratoga, CA Mountain Winery
29-Jul Lemoore, CA Palace Indian Gaming Center
30-Jul Reno, NV The Reno hilton
31-Jul Reno, NV The Reno hilton


1-Aug Los Angeles, CA The Greek Theater
3-Aug San Diego, CA Humphreys By The Bay
4-Aug San Diego, CA Humphreys By The Bay

5-Aug Temecula, CA Pechenga Resort:Bebe le strange/Straight on/Oldest story in the world/The perfect goodbye/Love alive/Love song/Alone/Things/These dreams/Dog & Butterfly/The fallen ones/Make me/Even it up/Vainglorious/Lost angel/Magic Man/Crazy on you/Enough/Kick it out/Barracuda/Black dog/Misty Mountain Hop

7-Aug Las Vegas, NV House of Blues
8-Aug Phoenix, AZ Celebrity Theater
10-Aug Denver, CO Paramount Theatre
11-Aug Sturgis, SD Buffalo Chip Campground
13-Aug Des Moines, IA Civic Center
14-Aug Minneapolis, MN State Theatre
15-Aug Chicago, IL HOB
16-Aug DTE Energy Music Theater Clarkston, MI
18-Aug Soaring Eagle Casino Mount Pleasant, MI
19-Aug Family Arena St. Charles, MO
20-Aug Ameristar Casino Kansas City, MO
21-Aug Horseshoe Casino Robinsonville, MO
22-Aug Chastain Park Atlanta, GA
24-Aug House of Blues Myrtle Beach, SC
26-Aug Florida Theater Jacksonville, FL
27-Aug House of Blues Orlando, FL
28-Aug Mizner Park Amp Boca Raton, FL
29-Aug Ruth Eckerd Hall Clearwater, FL
31-Aug House of Blues New Orleans, LA


9/2 Dallas, TX Nokia Live
9/3 Austin, TX The Backyard
9/4 Houston, TX Arena Theatre
9/5 Biloxi, MS Beau Rivage
9/9 Glenside, PA Keswick Theatre
9/10 Ledyard, CT Foxwoods Casino
9/11 Boston, MA FleetBoston Pavilion
9/12 Providence, RI Providence Performing Arts Center
9/14 Cleveland, OH Scene Pavilion
9/15 New York, NY Beacon Theatre
9/17 Atlantic City, NJ Trump Marina
9/18 Springfield, MA Eastern States Exposition
9/19 Reading, PA Sovereign Center
9/21 Baltimore - Pier Six Pavilion
9/22 Portsmouth VA - Harbor Center
9/24 Washington DC - Constitution Hall

Primm Nevada 10/16/04: Sand, Bebe Le Strange, Kick It Out, Straight On, Oldest Story In The World, The Perfect Goodbye, Love Alive, Love Song, Alone, Things, These Dreams, Dog & Butterfly, Fallen Ones, Make Me, Even It Up, Vainglorious, Lost Angel, Magic Man, Crazy On You, Enough, Barracuda, Black Dog, Misty Mountain Hop

Pala Casino, Pala California 2005
Costa Mesa, California 2005
San Diego, Calif. 2005

2/23/2006 Heart @ Universal Studios Florida Mardi Gras!

3/10/2006 6:00 PM NJ Atlantic City Heart Decades Live
3/11/2006 9:00 PM NY Niagara Falls Seneca Niagara Casino Theater ~ Niagra Falls, NY
3/17/2006 8:00 PM WA Seattle An Evening with Ann Wilson ~ An Oral history

4/6/2006 7:00 PM FL Hollywood Heart - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino ~ Seminole, FL
4/7/2006 8:00 PM FL Clearwater Ruth Eckerd Hall - Clearwater, FL
4/8/2006 7:00 PM FL Orlando Heart ~ Mardi Gras ~ Universal Studios Orlando
4/8/2006 4:00 PM FL Orlando Universal Orlando Florida - mardi gras

5/11/2006 8:00 PM CA Dixon Dixon May Fair/ Sacramento, CA
5/12/2006 7:00 PM NV Henderson Lake Las Vegas, Henderson, NV
5/13/2006 8:00 PM CA Palm Springs Spa Resort & Casino, Palm Springs, CA
5/14/2006 8:00 PM AZ Phoenix Celebrity Theater - Phoenix, AZ

6/16/2006 7:00 PM Canada Thunder Bay Fort Williams Gardens ~ Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada
6/22/2006 7:00 PM CA San Diego Del Mar Fair ~ Del Mar, California (San Diego, CA)
6/23/2006 7:00 PM CA Oroville Feather Falls Casino
6/24/2006 6:00 PM CA Kelseyville Konocti Harbor & Resort
6/25/2006 12:00 PM NV Jackpot Cactus Pete's Resort & Casino

7/15/2006 8:00 PM MN Walker Moon dance Ranch Jam ~ Walker, MN
7/16/2006 2:00 PM MI Harris Hannahville's Woodland Valley Amph ~ Harris, MI
7/17/2006 6:30 PM MI Clarkston DTE Energy Music Theatre - Clarkston, MI
7/18/2006 6:00 PM IN South Bend Sound Bend, IN ~ Morris Performing Arts Center

8/3/2006 6:00 PM OK Thackerville Winstar Casino ~ Thackerville, OK
8/4/2006 5:00 PM MO Washington Washington Town & Country Fair - Washington, MO
8/5/2006 8:00 PM MO Kansas City Ameristar Casino Kansas City
8/6/2006 6:30 PM MO Branson The Grand Palace ~ Branson, MO
8/8/2006 7:00 PM SD Sioux Falls Sioux Empire Fairgrounds ~ Sioux Falls, SD
8/11/2006 7:00 PM NY Verona Turning Stone Casino ~ Verona, NY
8/10/06 Orilla, Canada, Casino Rama
8/12/2006 6:00 PM NJ Atlantic City Atlantic City ~ Trump Marina
8/13/2006 8:00 PM PA Bethlehem Bethlehem Musikfest's River Place

9/2/2006 8:00 PM NV Las Vegas Luxor Las Vegas - Sept 2 & 3, 2006
9/6/2006 7:00 PM CA Saratoga Mountain Winery ~ Saratoga, CA
9/7/2006 7:00 PM CA Livermore Wente Vineyards
9/8/2006 5:00 PM CA Madera Madera District Fair ~ Madera, CA
9/9/2006 3:00 PM CA Pomona LA County Fair
9/10/2006 7:30 PM CA Murphys Ironstone Amphitheatre - Murphys, CA
9/12/2006 7:00 PM CA Santa Rosa Wells Fargo Center for the Arts ~ Santa Rosa
9/14/2006 7:00 PM WA Seattle The Paramount Theater ~ Seattle
9/15/2006 7:00 PM Canada Richmond River Rock Casino Resort ~ Richmond, BC Canada
9/16/2006 7:00 PM Canada Richmond River Rock ~ Casino Resort ~ Richmond, Canada
9/21/06 Heart (Ann & Nancy Wilson) to perform with Deana Carter in Nashville!

10/12/2006 8:00 PM OK Norman Riverwind Casino ~ Norman, OK
10/13/2006 7:00 PM TX Ft Worth Billy Bob's Texas ~ Fort Worth, TX
10/14/2006 5:00 PM TX Spring Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion, Spring, TX
10/15/2006 8:00 PM LA New Orleans House of Blues ~ New Orleans


March 16 - Fantasy Springs Casino - Indio, CA-The Kick off

April 6 - Canyon Club - Agoura Hills, CA
April 7 - Cow Palace - Rodeo Show - South San Francisco, CA
April 20 - Tim's Toyota Center (aka Prescott Valley Event Center) - Prescott Valley, AZ

May 1 - King Center for The Performing Arts - Melbourne, FL
May 2 - Eckerd Hall - Clearwater, FL
May 4 - Beau Rivage - Biloxi, MS
May 5 Wild Adventures Theme Park - Valdosta, GA
May 6 - Hard Rock Live - Orlando, FL
May 12 - VH1 ROCK HONORS (Heart will be honored along with Genesis, Ozzy Osbourne, ZZ Top) - Mandalay Bay Events Center - Las Vegas, NV
May 31 - Nokia Theater - Dallas, TX

June 28 - Fallsview Casino Resort - Niagra, Ontario Canada
June 29 - Fallsview Casino Resort - Niagra, Ontario Canada
June 30 - Woodstock En Beauce - St. Ephreum De Beuce, QUE

July 2 Milwaukee Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI
July 3 - Naperville Ribfest - Naperville, IL
July 4 - Sports Center - Blue Ash, OH (FREE SHOW!)
July 26 - Celebrity Theater - Phoenix, AZ
July 27 - Orange County Fair - Costa Mesa, CA (Bangles opening act)
July 29 - Konocti Harbor - Kelseyville, CA

August 3 - Peppermill Concert Hall - Wendover, NV
August 5 - Sandia Casino Amphitheatre - Albuquerque, NM
August 24 - LB Day Amphitheatre - Salem, OR(Oregon State Fair)
August 25 - Monterey Fairgrounds - Salinas, CA
August 27 - Mountain Winery - Saratoga, CA
August 28 - Antelope Valley Fair - Lancaster, CA
August 30 - Chumash Casino - Santa Ynez, CA
August 31 - Pala Casino - Pala, CA

Sept 1 - Hilton - Las Vegas, NV
Sept 2 - Hilton - Las Vegas, NV
Sept 9 - Humphreys - San Diego, CA
Sept 27 Turningstone Resort & Casino - Verona, NY
Sept 28 Bank Of America Pavilion - Boston, MA
Sept 29 Trump Marina - Atlantic City, NJ

Dates are subject to change

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